Community Pain Management

Community Pain Management Service

A community based service using a biopsychosocial and cognitive behavioural approach to provide information, techniques and strategies (usually in a group setting) to empower patients and promote understanding and self management of their chronic pain.

The Service provides multidisciplinary assessments to establish the impact chronic pain has both physically and psychologically, to agree goals and a treatment plan to reduce the negative impact of chronic pain, optimise quality of life and function considering patient focused values.

Who is the service for? 

Adults (18+) within Cannock/Rugeley and Stafford and Surrounds CCG suffering from musculoskeletal chronic pain who are motivated towards a self help approach.

What does the service offer?

A community based chronic pain management service for the adult population. The service uses a biopsychosocial and cognitive behavioural approach providing:

  • Multidisciplinary Assessment
  • Half day multidisciplinary introduction to pain management course (group)
  • Follow on 7 week multidisciplinary pain management course (group)
  • Individual pain management
  • Individual occupational therapy or physiotherapy if identified as necessary to help with overall goal of self management
  • Individual psychology for chronic pain related issues
  • Follow up reviews up to 6 months

Next Steps

What is the referral criteria for the service? 

  • Chronic pain – 6 months plus
  • Have tried previous physiotherapy / other therapies as appropriate.
  • Committed to self help and willing / able to take on lifestyle changes.
  • Medically stable
  • Impaired functional ability at work or home
  • Insufficient coping strategies
  • Patients must be able to transport themselves to the scheme


  • Psychologically not in a position to cope with pain management commitment
  • Illegal drug abusers
  • Malignancy
  • Unwilling/unable to co-operate
  • Patients for whom litigation is all consuming.
  • Patients unable to transport themselves to the scheme

Who may refer to this service? 

Any Health Professional, though if not the patient’s G.P., their G.P. must be informed and in agreement.

Contact Us

Cannock/Rugeley – Sandy Lane Health Centre, Sandy Lane, Rugeley WS152LB

Tel: Cannock/Rugeley – 01889 572028

Fax: Cannock/Rugeley – 01889 579010

Stafford – Greyfriars Therapy Centre, Unit 12 Greyfriars Business Park, Frank Foley Way, Stafford ST162ST.

Tel: Stafford – 01785 221022
Fax: Stafford – 01785 221012

Service opening hours 

Cannock/Rugeley Service - Monday to Friday 9.00 – 4.30

Stafford Service - Monday, Wednesday,Thursday 9.00 – 4.00.

The service opening hours are variable depending on health professionals’ in that day and their commitments.  An Answer phone is available when the office is unattended.

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