Good rating from Care Quality Commission for Newcastle home care service

Good rating from Care Quality Commission for Newcastle home care service
24 January 2017

A Newcastle based home care service provided by Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust has received an overall ‘Good’ rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an announced inspection in October 2016.

Living Independently Staffordshire (LIS) Newcastle provides personal care to people living in their own homes and supports people to maximise or regain their independence following a period of illness or hospital admission. This care is sometimes referred to as reablement.

Five areas of the service were inspected and rated by the CQC. Four areas (safe, effective, caring and well-led) achieved ratings of ‘Good’ and the fifth (responsive) was rated ‘Outstanding’ by the health regulator, resulting in an overall rating of ‘Good’.

Other Living Independently Staffordshire services based in Cannock, East Staffordshire, Tamworth and Lichfield, Moorlands, South Staffordshire and Stafford have also received ‘Good’ ratings.

During the Newcastle based inspection, which took place on 11 October 2016, the CQC spoke to a variety of service users, relatives and members of staff. In addition the inspection team looked at support care records of service users and personnel records of staff to ensure that standards across the service were being met.

The report complemented the service for providing people with ‘outstanding personalised care and support’. It recognised that the service was focused on continuously improving quality and that all staff that work within the service ‘demonstrate strong values and a desire to learn about and implement best practice.’

The CQC rated the responsiveness of the service as ‘Outstanding’ and reflected that peoples levels of needs were assessed and reviewed to ensure they got person centred care which was flexible and responsive to their individual needs.

One support worker told the CQC: “We get information and support from the hospital and social worker in advance to providing support but people can be very different when they’re actually back in their own home. It’s important that we give people the time to readjust to be back in their own home.”

Feedback from relatives was also positive and demonstrated that LIS Newcastle empowers people to live life independently. One relative said: “The care staff are very good at supporting my mum to become more independent, they support her to have her medication on time and log this on their medication administration record. The notes they keep are excellent and the girls are very good.”

In addition the CQC identified the service’s use of innovative solutions to support people. The service recommends and implements the use of tools such as automatic pill dispensers which support people to take medicines on time, perching stools to enable people to stand and long handled medicine applicators so that people can complete tasks by themselves.

Stuart Poynor, Chief Executive of the Partnership Trust, said: “The CQCs report into Living Independently Staffordshire in Newcastle is well deserved and a credit to the service. LIS Newcastle supports people to regain their abilities to do everyday tasks but importantly supports people to build confidence after a period of ill health. This empowerment from skilled and compassionate health professionals is an asset to our organisation and the local community. I would like to extend my personal thanks to all the staff in the service who are providing such a vital service.”