Health trust receives national recognition with prize win at the National Queens Nursing Institute Conference

QNI/Kate Stanworth
QNI/Kate Stanworth
Health trust receives national recognition with prize win at the National Queens Nursing Institute Conference
30 October 2017

An innovative tool developed by Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent NHS Partnership Trust (SSOTP) to improve the quality and efficiency of its district nurses’ caseloads and bring benefits to patient care has received national recognition. 

A team from the Trust presented a poster display of their caseload review tool at the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) Annual Conference and were awarded first prize and praised for its innovative approach.

Launched in February, the District Nurse Caseload Review Tool was developed by the Trust in order to create a standardised approach to reviewing what were ‘unwieldy’ district nurse caseloads to ensure they are all managed and run efficiently, effectively, safely and where possibly innovatively, to support high quality care for all.

Prior to its introduction, there was no standardised way in which caseloads were reviewed and they were increasingly difficult to manage due to the unpredictability and increasing demand of the patients they serve.

Outcomes and actions were not always documented, challenges about treatments and care were not standardised and there was an inability to discuss specific caseloads with other professionals such as GPs and to see the caseload at a glance.

However, the tool has all but reversed that situation ensuring all caseloads are effectively, efficiently and safely managed.

Celine Grundy, Service Improvement Manager at SSOTP said: “The caseload review is now a standardised quarterly process which is undertaken by all 38 District Nursing Teams within the same month and supported and organised by the Strategy, Business and Redesign team and Community Practice Educators (CPEs).

“We have seen many benefits from the introduction of the tool and feedback from staff has been really positive. The caseload review process has supported the reduction of rescheduled visits within district nurse caseloads, multiple treatments have been merged to the same day and visits within residential care have been altered to same days to avoid daily visits to a home, improving efficiency of the service.

“Staff have found it very straight forward and easy to use and ensuring patients are seen at the right time, on the right day and the right care is provided, which is what we all aspire to do.”

The project will be fully evaluated in January 2018 and then it is planned that it will become ‘business as usual’.

Celine was joined by fellow team members Pam Davenport, Helen Wheeler and Paula Wood at the QNI Conference to present the caseload review tool and they were delighted to receive the recognition on behalf of the whole team.

Paula Wood added: “It is wonderful to represent the Trust at events such as the QNI Conference and showcase the excellent work that we do. Winning first prize was great recognition for the work that has gone into this project and for everyone at the Trust who has collaborated on making it a success.”