How we do business


We are committed to responding to the needs of our customer whether they are patients, service users or commissioners of our services.


How we do business

The Strategy and Business Development Team has a key leadership role within the organisation, leading contracting, strategy and business planning.

It will also lead the commercial aspects of running a healthcare provider service, including marketing and reputation management.

The Team will be the central co-ordination point for commissioners building positive relationships in order to develop services that meet the needs of our patients.

Good intelligence gathering, analysis and insight will enable us to understand our market both in opportunities and threats. This will put us in the ideal position to respond effectively and efficiently to all business opportunities.

Our Business Relations Managers will act as the link within the organisation to support innovation to enable us to develop business cases that maximise patient safety, improve patient experience, improve productivity, encourage innovative techniques and consider how different areas of the business interact with other departments and with external stakeholders.

What we can bring to a partnership

Our aim is to be the provider and partner of choice, and we are committed to establishing relationships with key stakeholders and potential partners to work collaboratively on new initiatives that will deliver community healthcare of the highest quality. We will bring to a partnership:

  • Expertise in the provision of community support in peoples own homes
  • Specialised interventions and community hospital based in-patient and out-patient care
  • Effective and accessible range of care options, working in partnership
  • The provision of high quality clinical services and quality patient pathways
  • Track record of innovation and creativity in service provision
  • Dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated staff
  • Passionate about empowering patients to stay healthy

If you would be interested in working in partnership with us or if you have any opportunities which you would like to contact us about, please email:


Public consultations

Public consultations are a way in which you can get your voice heard. You can find details of current and past public consultations here.

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