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Our Health 0 - 19

Working in partnership to keep our children healthy, happy and safe.

Our Health 5-19 offers support and advice for a wide variety of health needs for children and young people living in Stoke-on-Trent.

Led by specialist community public health nurses (school nurses), who are supported by qualified staff nurses, public health advisors and support workers, we work in partnership to keep our city children healthy, happy and safe.

The service is for young people aged between 5 and 19 years, their families, carers, schools, alternative education providers and other professional agencies. 

Our Health 5-19 provides a range of services such as:

  • Transition from Health Visiting services at 5 years of age and gaining health information using questionnaires about children in their reception year, year 6 and a face to face interview with all year 10 people in the city
  • National Child Measuring Programme undertaken in reception and year 6. We offer advice to parents about how to make sure their child is eating healthily and is physically active
  • Hearing Tests: Children can be tested at any age if there is a concern
  • All young people in high school and colleges have access to health advice and support and onward signposting at confidential drop-ins
  • Support pupils at school with medical conditions, care planning and coordinating services
  • Offer training to teaching staff across the city on Asthma, Epilepsy and Anaphylaxis
  • The service will lead on applications for Continuing Care Funding and contribute to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Assessments
  • Clinics are provided throughout the city for enuresis (bed wetting)
  • Team will deliver health campaigns throughout the year on a variety of topics
  • Health promotion lessons offered to primary and secondary age topics include: Dental Hygiene, Healthy Eating, Puberty, Self-Esteem and Relationships
  • Annual Health Assessments for our Looked After Children
  • We work with other professionals to support the work of safeguarding children and families through Early Help intervention, Child in Need and Child Protection


  • ChatHealth is a text message service for young people and parents to ask for health and wellbeing advice which launched on 1 November 2018. Messages sent to the dedicated number are delivered to a secure website and responded to by one of the trained health professionals in the school nursing team. Out of hours, anyone who texts the service will receive a bounce back message explaining where to get help if their question is urgent, and when they can expect a response. Texts are usually replied to within one working day.
  • ChatHealth is available between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday. Out of hours, anyone who texts the service receives a bounce back message explaining where to get help if their question is urgent, and when they can expect a response. Texts are usually replied to within one working day.

Number to text: 07520 615723

(Disclaimer - We do not usually inform your parents, teachers or anyone else if you contact the school nurse. We might inform someone if we were concerned about your safety, but we would usually speak to you first. Your messages are stored and can be seen by other healthcare staff who follow the same confidentiality rules. We aim to reply to you within one working day and you should get an immediate bounce-back to confirm we received your text. Texts will not be seen outside of normal working hours. If you need help before you hear back from us, contact a member of school staff or your doctor. Our text number does not receive voice calls or MMS picture messages. We support messaging from UK mobile numbers only (which does not include messages sent from landlines, international mobile numbers and some 'number masking' mobile apps). Prevent the school nurse from sending messages to you by texting STOP to our number. Please respect your schools’ mobile phone policy. Messages are charged at your usual rate.)


Referrals can be made for children and young people aged between 5 to 19 years, who reside within the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

Referrals can be made by parents, young people, carers, teaching staff, GPs, social workers and allied health professionals.

Contact Us

Cobridge Community Centre, Church Terrace, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2JN

Tel: 0300 124 0362

Opening hours: 9.00 - 17.00, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)



Our Health 5-19 treats information about children, young people and their families as confidential. We do sometimes share information with other agencies, like GPs or your child’s school, so that the young person or child can get the help they need. We would only share this information without your agreement if it were necessary to ensure a child’s safety. 

If you are ever unsure if your referral is appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact the Our Health 5-19 Team directly.

All referrals into the service will be reviewed. If information has been omitted, or the referral is inappropriate we will contact you to discuss this further.


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