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What is the Sexual Health Prevention Service?

We are a specialist team which works in the community focusing on improving people’s sexual health, offering free one to one individual support and also support people to access their local sexual health services.


Meet the team 

Our Project Workers are constantly out and about in Stoke-on-Trent, engaging with the local community and offering advice on safe sex. You may recognise some of these friendly faces already, as we work in a variety of community settings including; local schools, colleges, universities, nightclubs, youth groups and community support groups.



Focus area of job: Service lead
Hobbies: Badminton, squash, aerial arts
Loves: Starbucks and anything competitive
Hates: Fish and egg
Interesting fact: I was once mistaken for Jude Law in Sainsbury's Stoke (best day ever)



Focus area of job: Mostly sex and relationships education at schools and colleges, as well as drop-ins at schools and colleges. 
Loves: Music, gigs, books, Paris, cats, coffee houses, Greek food, Autumn
Hates: Spiders, action films, boy bands, rudeness
Interesting Fact: I studied Literature at University, because I was a bit of a reclusive book worm, then ended up in a job that means me meeting and chatting to different people every week about sex!



Focus areas: LGBT Youth, Vulnerable Communities, Swingers, Over 50’s Project
Nicknames: Gingerella/Zola

Loves: Floristry, olives, pineapple upside down cake
Hates: Currants, sultanas, raisins
Interesting fact: I own 2 ginger cats, 3 dogs (one ginger) 1 ginger rabbit and 5 ginger (orange) goldfish, I love the colour ginger



Get in touch

Call our confidential sexual health information line on 0300 123 0970

Alternatively, contact us on social media:

Twitter @LifestylesToget
 Facebook   Lifestyles Better Together


Confidentiality Policy: We will not tell anyone, including partners, parents, teachers, friends, family or doctors that you came to see us unless you ask us to. Anything you say to us will be treated with respect. There are times when confidentiality may need to be broken so that we can protect you under the law. However, we will ALWAYS try and discuss this with you first. For example, if you tell us, or we think you are at risk of danger or harm to yourself and/or others, we will contact the relevant agencies.

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